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  1. Legal
    1. Privacy Policy
    2. Purpose of SynologyWiki
    3. General Disclaimer
    4. Rules and Ethics for SynologyWiki
  2. What is Synology?
  3. Vorbereiten des Synology Servers
    1. Planung der Festplatten und Raidlevel
    2. Vorbereitung der Festplatten
    3. Unterschiede zwischen Enterprise-Class HDD's und Desktop-Class HDD's
  4. Erste Einstellungen des Synology-Servers
    1. Schnell Installation
      1. Synology Limited Warranty and Liability
      2. Sicherheitsanweisungen
      3. Checkliste
      4. Hardware Installation
        1. Disk Station Serie
        2. Cube Station Serie
        3. Rack Station Serie
    2. Erstes Einschalten
    3. Installation des Synology Assistenten
    4. Installation des Synology Servers
  5. Anleitungen
    1. Zugriff auf die Syology-Dienste über Internet
      1. Liste der verwendeten Ports
    2. How to Access Data on the Synology Server Remotely
      1. via Synology File Station
      2. via FTP Service
    3. What is a Backup?
      1. Backup your Windows data using Data Replicator 3
        • Restore your Windows data using Data Replicator 3
      2. Backup the Synology server to an external HDD connected to the Synology Server
      3. Backup the Synology server to a remote Synology server
      4. Backup data to the Synology Server using DeltaCopy, a Windows RSync Client
    4. How to Host a Website with the Synology Server
      1. How to block search engines from scanning the Synology Server
      2. What does using PHP and MySQL offer?
      3. How to manage the MySQL database using phpMyAdmin
      4. How to backup the MySQL database using phpMyAdmin
    5. How to use the Synology USB Printer Server
      1. Macintosh Computer
      2. Windows Computer
      3. Why can I not share the full abilities of my multi-function printer?
    6. How to share data locally using the Synology server as a File Server
      1. Background Information
        1. What are Usernames?
        2. What are Shared Folders?
        3. What are Privileges?
        4. What are Groups?
      2. How to Enable File Sharing Services on...
        1. Apple OS X 10.5 Leopard
        2. Windows XP
        3. Windows Vista
      3. Managing the File Server Abilities of the Synology System
        1. How to Create a User Account on the Synology System
        2. How to Create a Shared Folder on the Synology System
        3. How to Create a Private Share on the Synology System
        4. How to Adjust the Privileges on the Synology Server
        5. How to Create Groups on the Synology System
      4. How to access the File Server abilities of the Synology System
        1. How to map a drive using a Mac OS X "Leopard"-based Computer
        2. How to make Leopard automatically map a drive on start-up
        3. How to map a drive using a "Windows"-based computer
        4. How to map a drive using a Linux Environment
    7. Multimedia
      1. How to share photos and videos using the PhotoStation2 + Video
      2. How to stream music using the iTunes Media Server
    8. How to use the Synology Surveillance Station
      1. How to prepare an IP Camera for the Synology Surveillance Station
      2. Enabling the Synology Surveillance Station
      3. Adding and Configuring a new IP Camera in the Synology Surveillance Station
      4. Viewing the Events from the Synology Surveillance Station
      5. How to add a License for the Synology Surveillance Station
  6. User Reported Compatible/Incompatible Hardware/Software
    1. Compatible Digital Cameras
    2. Compatible Digital Media Adapters
    3. Compatible External Enclosures/External HDDs
    4. Compatible Hard Drives
    5. Compatible IP Cameras
    6. Compatible Uninterruptible Power Supplies
    7. Compatible USB Printers
    8. Compatible USB Speakers
    9. Compatible 3rd Party Backup Software
    10. Compatible PHP/MySQL Applications
    11. Incompatible Security Software
  7. System maintenance
    1. How to reinstall the server
    2. How to repair a degraded RAID Volume
    3. How to Retrieve Data
      1. Important Notice
      2. How to retrieve data from Non-RAID or RAID-1 Volumes using Windows XP
      3. How to retrieve data from RAID Volumes on Linux
    4. How to upgrade a RAID Volume
  8. Other Information
    1. Archives
    2. List of Email Notifications that Synology product can send out
    3. List of supported multimedia files
    4. Power specifications for front and rear USB ports
    5. What programs are using my ports?