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Ich hatte Kontakt zu W. Baumann, dem Entwickler/Betreuer von davfs2. Hier sein Kommentar:

P.S.: Remarks on Internet HowTos

HowTos found in the internet tend to be outdated or plainly wrong. The one at http://www.synology-wiki.de/index.php/WebDAV-Speicher_mithilfe_von_davfs2_direkt_in_die_DS_einbinden is mostly ok but not without errors.

3. Den SRC Code kompilieren mit:

./configure --prefix=/opt --with-neon=/opt --with-ssl
There is no option '--with-ssl'. SSL is handled by neon. It should be
./configure --prefix=/opt --with-neon=/opt

1. In der Datei /opt/etc/davfs2/secrets wird der Login für den Webspeicher hinterlegt.

https://sd2dav.1und1.de            Login_Name              Passwort

This is deprecated. davfs2 consistently uses the mount point to distinguish different mounted file systems. Using the server name in secrets is supported for campatibility reasons only and support will some day be removed. Use

/volume1/1und1            Login_Name              Passwort

Oje eine Fehlermeldung und jetzt? /sbin/mount.davfs: das Server-Zertifikat passt nicht zum Namen des Servers

 Aussteller:    GlobalSign nv-sa, Domain Validation CA, BE
 Inhaber:       *.safesync.com, Domain Control Validated, US
 Name:          *.safesync.com
 Fingerabdruck: 63:bc:70:08:b8:25:64:94:49:b6:5f:93:04:1d:29:68:ef:88:8f:68

This is misleading. It is not the the certificate of 1und1. If you get error 'das Server-Zertifikat passt nicht zum Namen des Servers' there is at the moment no way to accept the certificate automatically. A new option will be provided in future releases. But fortunately you don't get this error with 1und1. Note: there are different kinds of certificate errors. You can't know which one without reading the text of the error message.

umount error:
  can't find mount.davfs-process with pid 4661;
  trying to unmount anyway.
  you propably have to remove /var/run/mount.davfs/volume1-1und1.pid manually

The system probably lacks a working 'ps' program. The umount helper umount.davfs watches the process list to see when mount.davfs has finished synchronisation and writing of the index file. This makes sure that umount only returns when the file system is umounted and in a consistent state. Without this it may happen that you shut down the system (and kill mount.davfs) before it could clean up. Without a working 'ps' davfs2 can't guarantee this. Before shuting down the system you might look for any running mount.davfs processes. PID-files in /var/run/mount.davfs will only be removed when mount.davfs has finished.

Whether you really need servercert depends on whether neon has access to the certificates of well known top-level CAs. Thawte should be available on most systems but in case of a NAS device this may not be the case.

I do not recommend to remove the comment mark (#) in davfs2.conf and secrets. The comments are intended as a reminder of the syntax and the default values. It is better to not touch the comments but to append all your configuration options at the end of the file. Preferably in mount point specific divisions (see above).